When you embark on a journey you have a certain concept of what you’re doing. A floor plan of what you’re going to do. When I went to The USA in December 2013, I was an inexperienced traveler. I was 20 and had only been to QLD, Canberra and crossed the Victorian border twice. Once to drop off a hitch hiker literally across the border and the other to buy some beers from the bottle shop. Both times not even 10km across the Victorian border. Continue reading “Journeys”


Cuppey the Adventurer Goes to Amsterdam



The Netherlands. In my mind I pictured farms, windmills, Operation Market Garden and Amsterdam as a weird hippy city full of people smoking dope. That’s literally what I thought of when going to Amsterdam. So I only booked in for 3nights and 2 full days. If there was ever a country to be described as land of the free, it should be The Netherlands. Continue reading “Cuppey the Adventurer Goes to Amsterdam”

500 Words About Prague 

Old Town Square

When you leave your own country you think you know what to expect. Besides, you’ve been alive quite sometime now how can it be any different? All the cities are the same right? Just some are a little more crazier than others? Some have bigger buildings than others, but it’s generally all the same? Well you couldn’t be anymore wrong! Continue reading “500 Words About Prague “

Travel Bug

P.T.D. Post Travel Depression. It’s already been 9 months since I set sail for Europe and 3 years since I landed in the U.S.A and Canada. I remember looking out the window over the spread out city landscape of LA, looking at the Hollywood sign from 18,000 ft and thinking, WOW what a city! The largest city I’d seen before that was Sydney.

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Deutschland. Cuppey’s Top 10 Tips



Deutschland! So you’ve landed in Germany and this beautiful country is now at your feet. You’re surrounded by 9 countries that speak languages other than English. You’re officially an alien! Hans Schmidt doesn’t know what you’re saying because you speak to fast and Monika Braun isn’t interested in the question you asked and will tell you in a very dull way the direction you need to go, but don’t ask twice otherwise you’ll be treated like an imbecile that can’t understand simple instructions.

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Cuppey the Adventurer and the Hidden Nazi Treasure


Berlin is a city that is rich with history from the 20th century. The wars, the wall, old Soviet statues in parks in East Berlin. It’s hard to actually physically hold Nazi history in any country and I was lucky enough to find something in Berlin. Continue reading “Cuppey the Adventurer and the Hidden Nazi Treasure”

Deutschland; The Transition

After a 3 hour delay at Dubai airport and a reasonably short journey, our Emirates flight touched down in Frankfurt. About 20 minutes after we landed I used my very first line of Germany to our cab driver, “Sprechen Sie Englisch?” and I’ve used it everyday since. My German is simple at the moment and I try to not ask people to speak English if I don’t need to. Where I am 12km outside of Frankfurt in a small town called Oberursal, not a lot of people can speak English anyway.

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